Gladiator, Cima delle Cenge, Riofreddo

  1. Polvere bianca – Marco Milanese in Alex Franco 80m IV, 1L WI 4, 2L WI 5
  2. Mix and rasta tricks – Marco Milanese Fabrizio della Rossa 80m V, M5+, WI 5+ (Marec 2011)
  3. Per Leila – Luca Vuerich in Marco Milanese 120m IV, WI 6+/7- (Januar 2009)
  4. Tridente – Alessandro di Lenardo in Luca Vuerich 90 m IV, WI 6 (Marec 1996)
  5. Super Stridente – Luca Vuerich in Federico Compassi 100m IV, WI6 (Februar 2009)
  6. Equilibrio – Luca Vuerich in Romano Benet 205 m, IV, WI6 (Februra 2003)
  7. Gladiator – Dejan Koren in Boštjan Mikuž 205 m, IV, M7-, WI6, X, R (26.1.2013)
  8. Alpino 2014 – Boštjan Mikuž in Elvis Furlani 200 m, III, WI4/5 (29.12.2012)
  9. Canale – Alessandro di Lenardo in Luca Vuerich 600 m, IV, WI4+ (Januar 2002)
  10. Contarsto – Alessandro di Lenardo in Luca Vuerich 150 m, IV, WI6 (Januar 2002)
  11. Vibra – Andrej Magajne in Simon Slejko 180 m, IV, WI6-, X (Februar 2003)
  12. Mr Luca – Dejan Koren in Boštjan Bizjak 100 m (140 m), III, M7, WI7, X, R (Januar 2011)
  13. Mr Risk – Luca Vuerich in Romano Benet 140 m, III, WI7, X, R (Februar 2003)
  14. Riofreddo – Alessandro di Lenardo in Luca Vuerich 500 m, III, WI5 (Marec 1996)

It’s nothing better than to return where we like the most. Yes, I really like valley Riofreddo, because there is always peace, peaceful silence, few people, great winter and summer lines and it is this isolation that gives that shine that you don’t find it very often. Two years ago I already spent a few wonderful winter days here. Yes, Mr. Risk and Luca still doesn’t leave me cold when I remember at them. At the time I wrote this.

That day, when it was everything crazy between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this beautiful place was the right place for a retreat. In our region you could enjoy in short sleeves, but here you realize why the Valley is called the Valley of Cold waters. It was awesome, crazy weekend, full of laughter, a lot of fun and good climbing. Four guys went to those ends. Boštjan and Elvis climbed a new direction, Alpino 2014, me and Tine repeated great line Contarsto. The second day Boštjan and I repeated the masterpiece of Benet and Vuerich – Equilibro. Great mix line goes across the whole amphitheater to the edge of the wall.

Back then we realized that it will not be long before we return to this quiet paradise. And, after a visit of two ice festivals, it came time to fulfill last year’s debt. Under the wall Boštjan and I came with purpose to climb a line that we saw last time. It looked beautiful, logic and not that hard as it turned out later. Yes, it was diverse, especially at last pitch we advise repeaters to take along a wedge and set camelots (od C0.5 – 1). But it is a fantastic line that offers you everything, from very steep pitch of ice to mix climb. In the direction we left one piton. We stepped from our new route. This is the route that undoubtedly belongs in the collage of beautiful and right lines in this beautiful and peaceful valley.

  • Gladiator, Cima delle Cenge, Valle di Riofreddo – 205 m, IV, M7-, WI6, X, R Dejan Koren – DeKo in Boštjan Mikuž PRV(26.1.2013)

Dejan Koren – DeKo (GRIVEL, MONTURA, Singing Rock)