European Stanley headwall could say the north wall Breitwangflue. When this year with us no good conditions in this part of Switzerland’s great to climb the yellow wall.Therefore, we bygone three days climbing in this paradise.
With Andrej we first climbed Tsunamix, offering everything from steep to overhanging ice and rock wall.
Then we had one day of rest. Then we re back in the embrace of beautiful and mighty walls. With my climbing partner we raced in Dreh den Swag auf and re-tasted the severity ratings given by the Markus Stofer its ascent. Markus is also hospitable to us and with all the kindness offered bed and a kitchen for our stay in Switzerland. Markus Thanks again!

  • Breitwangflue, Tsunamix, IV, M8, WI6, 300m, 10h – Dejan Koren (OS) and Andrej Erceg 17.2.2014
  • Breitwangflue, Dreh den Swag auf, IV, M8+, WI5, 180m, 7h – Dejan Koren (OS) and Andrej Erceg 19.2.2014

Dejan Koren – DeKo (MONTURA, Singing Rock)