Little gods

Once again I find myself that the things are escaping out of control when I want to do several things at the same time… A complete madness becomes when some good conditions are made for climbing ice. And then becomes first and only thought how to put in my schedule as many climbed vertical meters of ice and mix terrain… And then all the other stuff and tasks become irrelevant and fall off like ripe pears from the tree.

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Kandersteg in Vallunga


I went to Breitwangflue with special purpose, when Marcus suggested me that the route Ritter der Kokosnuß is still not repeated. I spent lot of time on my ice tools last two months. And knew that I was capable to freeclimb in this rare route of that difficulty in the world, that isn’t equipped with anchors. Honestly I was sure that I could climb it on sight if only everything would be the way I planned to happen. It doesn’t happen every day, not even to me. But this day was my day and everything was perfect. Continue reading Kandersteg in Vallunga


Who says there are no good conditions?

Maybe, they are not here or there, but they must be somewhere. With those thoughts me and Tine decided to go climb in Cham. And the same day we finished in bivouac Leschaux above the glacier with the same name. The next day we decided to go climb classic route Omega located near Petites Jorasses. Continue reading Chamonix

Dejan Koren – DeKo

Spletno mesto uporablja piškotke zaradi boljše uporabniške izkušnje. Z uporabo naše spletne strani potrjujete, da se z njihovo uporabo strinjate. O PIŠKOTKIH... / ABOUT COOKIES